On the Road Again

I am headed for Parts North (and somewhat West) again this August to the 2019 “When Words Collide” writers’ convention, part of a larger driving tour I have mapped out.  The plan is to fly into Calgary then driving north to Edmonton, west to Jasper, south through the Ice Fields Parkway to Banff and Canmore, hitting “WWC” in Calgary for three days; then south to Glacier, Helena and Yellowstone before retracing my steps and flying from Calgary home to Chicago.

Yikes that’s ambitious.  But it gives me time to not only see some of the planet’s most beautiful scenery, I have found long drives to be conducive to thinking about stories.  It’s amazing the plot points my brain can hammer out alone in the car.

This will be helpful, as I need to hammer out a lot of plot points; it’s time to ramp up my summer writing.  I’m a massive procrastinator, and with the “WWC” deadline fast approaching (even though it’s only in my head… I have nothing due for the convention) it’s time to start typing away.

PS – the photo above is the (only) road within Denali National Park. I took it during a trip to Alaska some years back…. yes, it’s real. I don;’t have enough skill to use Photoshop.

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